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Guide to Roller Skiing in Colorado

University of Denver ski team member Jasmi Joensuu cross trains on roller skis for the Nordic season back home in Tuusula, Finland. Roller skiing is a preferred dryland method of training for beginner, expert, and professional Nordic skiers. Unlike an elliptical, treadmill, or rowing machine, rol...

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Cycling and Nordic Skiing: A winning combination

In the Midwest, where I grew up, all trail-oriented athletes agree there are two seasons: Birkie training and Chequemegon Fat Tire 40 training. The Birkiebeiner is a 52K Nordic ski race, the largest in North America, and the Chequemegon is a 40-mile mountain bike race on many of the same trails as t...

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Why Your Dog Wants You to Try Skijoring

Skijoring involves skiing behind a dog that’s wearing a harness and bungee-cord lead to pull its owner. Any skis will do—skate, classic, touring—as long as the skier has intermediate skills and the pooch is healthy, willing, and over 30 pounds and one year of age. Here’s why...

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How to Ski Faster in Only 4 Minutes

Make your Nordic skiing easier, faster, and less exhausting with this simple training idea the pros use. If you’re like most Nordic skiing enthusiasts, you aren’t on the snow training every day—you’re sitting in traffic, heading for the hills and doing your darnedest to get ...

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